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About me:I'm a musician - a multi-instrumentalist - a songcrafter - a word disaster. MWC has been my home for a while now, but since it's inseption i've continued to design my own journey in the realm of sound. I enjoy helping others nearly as much as i enjoy making tunes come to life. Chicagoland is my comfortzone, has been and will always. I travel multiple time s year and have that home away from home in Pheonix, Las Vegas, Boston, & S.F.
Member Since:May 15, 2003
Last Login:May 9, 2008
Location:Skokie, IL
Birthday:May 21
Music means to me:Everything. For me music is more then just a food group - it's a key element to survival. Everyday you need : Housing, Food Consumption, Air for Breathes, and Music for living.
Schools:I vaguely remember classrooms from my youth.
General Interests:Have i mentioned music?
I love baseball. Even when teams i dispise are pinned against each other i'll watch - it's the love for the game - that moment that IS every play. Like every measure of music - every pitch has potential, every swing, every throw, too.
Other Distractions:My Life is a distraction from music. Living is a distracting exsistence. For example: right now i should be sleeping. Instead the sax is in my hands and i'm typing this - i was looking for fingerings, i shoulda been napping so i can really enjoy tonights show, instead i'm typing this. This is distracting.