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About me:I enjoy skiing, camping, music, festivals... hanging out with my wife and our 7 year old son Konrad.
We live in Salt Lake City, Utah. We live here because of the mountains....I am a Physical education teacher at a junior high school and my wife is a teacher in junior high school.
Member Since:March 2, 2007
Last Login:July 1, 2011
Location:Salt Lake City, UT
Birthday:February 4
Music means to me:Music is life, it is one of the most important things to me, and my wife and our son.
Started with the Grateful Dead and then living in Boulder from 96-99 fell in love with String Cheese and YMSB!
Schools:Ball State University,
Utah State University
General Interests:Skiing, music, camping, hiking, going to festivals (Northwest String Summit, Targhee, Telluride, Hookahville, Desert Rocks)


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