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About me:Arriving on the music scene just a short time ago with debut EP entitled “Be Just Fine,” The Bryan Cherry Band has just released a full length album of all new material produced by E*I*E*I*O* guitarist Mike Hoffmann entitled "Now You Know.".

Drawing strong comparisons to Ben Harper and Jimi Hendrix while creating a sound unique to themselves, The Bryan Cherry Band mix the soulful elegance of folk with raucous and gripping blues-rock sounds. Evolved, energetic and intelligent best describe the new work which covers every angle of Bryan Cherry’s charismatic vocal delivery, diverse instrumentation and composition of guitarist Sean Williamson, virtuoso bass playing of Matt Turner, and collaborative songwriting of the group as a whole. A music whose sound proves that it is still possible for both power and beauty to be heard and more importantly felt down to the deepest bone in your body.
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Location:Milwaukee, WI
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