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About me:lets go see a show! Its all about the live improvisational show. I love live music. I like being in the front row and watching the magic happen between the players. Just watch. If you have been there, you know what I am talking about. Some bands have it, some dont. My bands never disappoint.
Member Since:June 3, 2009
Last Login:About 1 day ago
Location:Cincinnati, OH
Birthday:March 4
Music means to me:music is the wheel of life.
Schools:A good one in the South
General Interests:anything that is positive and uplifting as we say in my neighborhood "upward and onward" life is to short, or as one of my favorite movies said "get busy livin or get busy dyin" black and white or a little extreme but food for thought
Other Distractions:good friends good shows good microbrews and living life to the fullest


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