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About me:I'm old-fart family man. With 3 kids I don't get to many shows, yet somehow my obsession with music hasn't diminished a lick.
Member Since:June 15, 2007
Last Login:October 18, 2012
Location:Galena, OH
Birthday:August 11
Music means to me:Music speaks to me on a different level than other art forms. Great literature and poetry engage the mind, but music--the best music, at least--gives voice to an intuitive knowledge that it seems difficult to express in any other way.
Schools:BA, English, The Ohio State University
BS, Information Technology, DeVry-Long Island City, NY
General Interests:I'm a computer junkie, even though I suspect that they actually make my life more complicated rather than less.
Other Distractions:my kids, which take precedence over everything else I've mentioned above.


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