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About me:I am an easy-going chica who loves to go to shows and keep up on all the happenings of good live music! I enjoy the outdoors and love to read...also have a passion for cooking and good foods!
Member Since:September 9, 2004
Last Login:March 12, 2013
Location:Waynesboro, VA
Birthday:January 16
Music means to me:Music is the essence of life, it binds humans with each other and their surroundings. A good song can turn it all around!
General Interests:Hiking, hanging, going to shows, cooking, reading, being happy!
Other Distractions:I love the Dalai Lama! I have read the Art of Happiness twice! I am working on "Transforming the Mind" now. Favorite TV shows would have to be Family Guy and of course Seinfeld!


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