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About me:I want to meet new open minded people who can sit down and have an intelligent conversation, I want something new... I want our world to be a better place and I think the only way to that is to educate people.. I want unity, love, laughter,the ability to accept everyone for who they are and Peace above all things.. I live with my good friend alison and we spend our days with the sweet Mary Jane and rock n roll tunes. I am co president for our club Students for Peace and Justice at WCC, I am extremely liberal but very open minded to other peoples opinions.. I love mother earth, our universe and all things that surround the two.... and if you need to know more add me as a friend or message me :-)

Peace love and trees
Member Since:February 8, 2008
Last Login:March 16, 2010
Location:Ann Arbor, MI
Birthday:July 5
Music means to me:music opens the mind and frees the soul... makes you feel things you never thought imaginable, it is what keeps me going
Schools:Current student at Washtenaw Community College
General Interests:people, peace, rock n roll, love, unity, equality, bud, hearing religious bullshit, listening to This American Life, movies, artists, random objects, dreadlocks ;-) , yoga, intelligence, Free Hugs, Dancing with my eyes closed and blasting music in my car.
Other Distractions:a man with a great smile and set of beautiful flowing dreadlocks makes me melt... dont ask me why

"It is no longer good enough to cry peace, we must act peace, live peace, and live in peace"


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