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About me:Basically I am a very boring person with no sense of humor nor the ability to dance a very good polka but I useta could hit a high fast ball pretty far and might could again with a little time in the batting cage.

I was born as a small child in a little town in Brazil called Guaretingeta but my family moved to Indiana when I was six days old so I don't remember much about my native land except the bitter cold nights and the long, languid days sitting in the porch swing on the veranda sipping mint juleps and saying things like, "My it shore is purty hot out this mornin, ain't it Miss Sue-Bell". I have forgotten most of my native language except "Brazil", Arabic, I think it was.

Within months of immigrating to Indiana I became successful in our thriving family business of selling cartoon balloons in town. I would blow up balloons all day sitting on the porch swing and watching them fly.

I had the usual childhood, summers in Buenos Aires playing polo and winters in Anchorage training for the Iditarod. Then, at the age of six, I discovered the meaning of life: baseball. I was hooked. All I could think about was baseball. Baseball, baseball, over and over, again and again, over and over. Then I decided to try to play baseball. Yeah, I was good, real good, until I started playing with other kids.

I experienced the normal childhood traumas: the volcano erupting and destroying my home, the UFO landing in the corn field out back and disgorging baseball players from 1919, having my novel plagiarized by Norman Mailer, discovering how to turn turtle shells into gold, nothing out of the ordinary.

While sailing alone around the world as my 8th grade geography project I became shipwrecked on a South Seas island that was populated by a tribe of people who had been cut off from the rest of the world for over a thousand years. I could guess that because of the suits of armor they wore. Where did they come from? How had they survived? I became their king and left on a huge palm frond raft to return them to civilization. They wanted too big a cut of the movie rights so I never went back. I got a B+ on the project.

Then I discovered Bruce Springsteen but someone else had already signed him to a record contract so I had to settle for being a fan. Then I went to someplace that had a lot of buildings called "classrooms" where I think the idea was you took "classes" but I could never figure out how to get the class out of the building so I quit going. Then I worked at a bunch of different "jobs" for about 30 years more or less, usually less.
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Location:Boulder, CO
Birthday:December 5
Music means to me:everything
Masters of Arts, English Literature
Rose-Hulman '79
Civil Engineering
Clinton High School, Clinton, Indiana '75
General Interests:Fly Fishing, Photography, trap shooting, Mountaineering, Photography, Reading, Professional Polka Dancing
Other Distractions:Baseball, French Deconstruction Philosophy, History of Polka Music, Arctic Exploration


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