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About me:Fun loving Girl, who likes to get her shake on. I believe in being positive, peace, fantastic friends, great music, family, a good glass of wine, sunsets, the mountains, the ocean, and peanut butter ; )
i heart widespread panic more than anything! but give me some bluegrass and i'll be happy as a clam. other loves include, My Morning Jacket, the Avett Brothers, Yonder, RRE and Built to Spill
Member Since:August 31, 2006
Last Login:November 6, 2014
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:November 2
Music means to me:music feeds my soul
Schools:Illinois State, FullSail
General Interests:all things audio of i'm an engineer. skiing, learning the guitar, going to shows, playing the piano, reading, hiking, volleyball, and of course rocking out on the weekends at my favorite watering holes.
Other Distractions:reading... camping..


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