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About me:Im a person with ambitions and hope. Faith for the future even during chaos. I have a lovely daughter, and have been attending a community college to get a paper that allows me to do what I want with my life. I like art, and hope to graduate with a Liberal Arts/Hollistic Health Degree
I want to move out of Massachusetts but seem to have clipped my own wings.
Member Since:May 21, 2006
Last Login:October 14, 2011
Location:Amherst, MA
Birthday:July 24
Music means to me:I love music. My soul craves the beautiful songs and sounds of the Grateful Dead... As well as many other wonderful musicians. I find myself captured by music. Music heals the soul.
Schools:current community college student...
General Interests:I love nature. I feel best when in the woods listening to music. The complex features of all living things. I love how the leaves on the trees dance in the wind. Every morning the only thing I know for sure is that the sun will rise. Our enviornment keeps us alive while living its own silent life in peace and beauty.


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