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About me:I'm a Texas Boy stuck in Minneapolis MN. I would kill for some worth while country to come to this part of the country and I'm finding out it doesn't happen enough! I am a very competitve skiier/snowboarder and beach volleyball is my life! I pretty much love anything outdoors!
Member Since:September 11, 2008
Last Login:October 24, 2014
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:January 3
Music means to me:It keeps me from going insane! And unfortunatley I think country has pretty much gone down the shitter so I gotta give mad props to Shooter and Hank III for keeping it real. Nashville can lick my BALLS!!!!!!
Schools:Some college, More Drinking than college!
General Interests:I've got a wild hair in me so if it's dangerous or illegal I'm probably your guy!
Other Distractions:No Distractions except occasionally my will power.


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