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About me:28 yr old young proffesional living in San Diego with my lovely girlfriend Yoly; prefer to go out where there is live music-and enjoy with friends; also enjoy the outdoors; often visit my original home, my roots, in Denver! looking to meet new people that enjoy live music as much as we do here in SD
Member Since:April 20, 2007
Last Login:About 11 hours ago
Location:Englewood, CO
Birthday:February 21
Music means to me:Everything- energy, inspiration, relaxation, soul searching, dancing, socializing, exploration- it helps me to maintain my sanity...
Schools:CSU Rammies
Construction Management
General Interests:football, basketball, hockey, snowboarding, riding bikes, sex, drinking, grooving, hangin out, loungin, sleeping, meeting new peeps, kickin it at the beach, and just tryin to live life to its fullest
Other Distractions:if you've partied with me before then you probably know already!


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