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About me:I am a college student with a passion for music. Having never been all that musically talented, I have always tried to expose myself to as many types of music
Member Since:August 1, 2009
Last Login:December 21, 2014
Location:Berkeley, CA
Birthday:August 9
Music means to me:What do I love about Music.......... well to begin with, everything. I like all forms of musical expression, and have a tendency to listen to music that compliments my mood. I go through phases, but always seem to respect those artists who stick to what they know, and do it honestly.
Schools:University of Oregon -Eugene, University of Colorado- Boulder, University of California - Berkeley.
General Interests:Technology, Sports, Politics, Rock Climbing, Bicycling, Fixed gear bikes, Concerts, Skiing, hiking, travel, adventuring, CITY LIFE> DENVER, NYC, San Francisco, Portland, etc...
Other Distractions:I enjoy being a critic, and write about music, film, and concerts on my blog. I also am interested in entrepreneurship and business, as well as start up companies and tech companies.


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