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About me:im a crazy fun dancing fool addicted to change and music, im starting to grow up!yikes so i have a lot to do to be the person i want to be! What a long strange trip...
Member Since:October 27, 2006
Last Login:July 9, 2010
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:February 9
Music means to me:music is why we do things, my music is my heart beat, and experiencing live music is the most best thing ever!
Schools:university of southern mississippi, prcc, didn't like those, i will try again.. University of Life and Love :)
General Interests:laughter love whirled peas happiness friends outdoors music corduroy WP maryj the sky maih ty foreign countries waves food newcastle the skunk smell dirty feet the number 7 toadstools showers ange moutains turkey sandwhiches sleeping bags sweet tea funky bass travel eyes anything green expanding your mind jumping beach wine chapstick scarfs horse pens 40 getting lost peace
Other Distractions:mountains water climbing biking grooving super mario bros camping dressing up taking photographs making smiles


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