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About me:im very laid back, like to hang out with my friends and listen to music, i work so i can try and pay for school and afford a place to live and all that 21.....i like quotes, writing, reading, peace love and happiness
Member Since:April 1, 2008
Last Login:April 18, 2009
Location:Birmingham, AL
Birthday:September 11
Music means to me:music to me has meaning that changes with every song....theres so much involved there are no real words to describe just what music can mean to me but most of the time i listen to music that either soothes me and makes me feel so connected in a way that fills an emptiness i so badly needed something to can be the perfect way to tell your feelings, music can be that expressions you have wanted to express but didn't know how, ...i could go on forever
Schools:some college....psychology ..i want to do something with social work i think .... something for little kids
General Interests:books, quotes, psychology, ...again i could go on forever
Other Distractions:stress, thoughts of the world, family, friends, boyfriend, my own happiness, my own well being,


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