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About me:I'm a big jam band fan I am really in to blues traveler,phish,string cheese,w.s.p.,and lots of others I really like going to festivals and seeing new bands.
Member Since:September 25, 2006
Last Login:February 15, 2008
Location:Crown Point, IN
Birthday:October 5
Music means to me:music has always been very important to me I consider it the soundtrack to my life. I love the way a song can take you to different place or time.
General Interests:I like going camping with my friends,traveling,live music,hikeing,canoeing,
playing guitar,disc golf
Other Distractions:quintin tarintino movies,old kung fu movies,sci fi
books by iceberg slim, hunter s thompson,elmore lenord,my favorite tv shows are my name is earl,
lost, hero's.


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