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About me:I move around alot, traveling...i like to see new things. livin' life, trying to find the way, I love live music, festivals, and dancing. I plan on trying to hit as many festivals as possible this year, coast to coast, I really could use another driver. Just want to see as much as I can, and have a great time doin' it.
Member Since:March 5, 2009
Last Login:June 18, 2013
Birthday:December 5
Music means to me:Music is Life...Transcendence!!! the soundtrack in which we live our lives by, and guide us through the craziness, emotions and feeling are attached too...brings people together as a community to share a common interest
Schools:school of live, laugh, dance- knowledge is power, and we all could use to be more powerful within ourselves
General Interests:snowboarding, travelin, hiking, swimming, jumpin' around like a fool, having a knee-slapping good time, earth science, herbs, natural medicine, self-sustainability
Other Distractions:EVERYTHING


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