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About me:I'm a 21 year old singer from upstate New York. I'm attending college as a Music Business Major and I perform with my band in our area a lot.
Member Since:May 8, 2008
Last Login:May 8, 2008
Location:Jamestown, NY
Birthday:May 31
Music means to me:Everything! Music is the one and only thing that can always make me happy. I love to perform, I love to practice, I love to listen, and I love going to concerts!
Schools:I am currently attending College. I Will be receiving my Associates degree in Music and then pursuing my bachelors degree in Music Business at SUNY Fredonia.
General Interests:The beach, Animals, Marine Biology, reading.
Other Distractions:CSI. I loveee CSI, I watch it all the time! haha.


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