About me:BlueNevada plays original rock-n-roll music with hints of blues, funk, folk, grunge, jazz and psychedelia. They have played numerous venues in MD, WV, VA, NJ & DE including regular appearances on a local cable television show "Studio 10". Their songs have been heard on the radio in mid-Maryland on 103.1 FM WAFY, in addition to several college and internet stations. BlueNevada's first full length LP "The Day Be You", released by Cloverspell Records ®; May 2003, is available at some mid-atlantic record stores and on the web at CDBaby and Tower Records. Known for their powerful live performances, BLUENEVADA has set out to tour the mid-atlantic region. The debut CD is a collection of songs written by brothers Shannon and Dusty Corbin. "We both act as front men, the album features both of us on lead vocals and lead guitar." There are long, wild guitar leads and alot of guest appearances from other musical artists. The new EP "narly trees" has a more live sound and was officially released in May 2006. BLUENEVADA will also be touring and releasing a full length CD in 2008. We love to play, so we'll be touring a lot and recording for a very long time..... Dig?
Member Since:October 2, 2001
Last Login:April 6, 2008
Location:Braddock Heights, MD
Birthday:April 6
Music means to me:Its one of the only things in this world that shows solid evidence that harmony and sychronicity are always at work in the universe. Its brings us such incredible joy, its like the greatest invention ever!!!!!!!
Schools:Got it on stage....
General Interests:People. Love. Peace. Life. Joy. Smiling. No Worries.
Other Distractions:Thinking about the lifestuff that most everyone else is afraid to figure out or would rather take someone elses "Good Word" on.


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Happy Day
Wed 8/29/2007 11:03AM

WeeeeeeHooooooo!!! YeeeeeeeHaaaaaa!!!!  I like the new jambase. We just want to thank every one for checkin us out. Please add us and be our Jambase friend! Come see a show sometime its totally worth it Dudes and Daisies!