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About me:I enjoy listening to and playing all sorts of music, mostly rock and jazz, going to shows and smoking grass.
Member Since:August 4, 2009
Last Login:November 18, 2015
Location:Woburn, MA
Birthday:June 28
Music means to me:Music is not only an outlet for whatever emotions you may feel but like any other form of fine art it is an expression of self and if its from the heart it can be a portal into another persons life, struggle and soul.
Schools:Woburn Memorial High School, UMASS Lowell Music Performance Major
General Interests:Philosophy, culinary arts, sociology, whats happening to this world we live in and the people in it
Other Distractions:lovely ladies, pot, muffins, exotic instruments, altering my state of mind in order to expand my consciousness, understand myself better and figuring out what purpose I serve in this world


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