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About me:just another girl in the jam world.
Love meeting new people in my travels.
My friends mean the world to me.
Peace. Love. Light. And when that doesnt work...theres nothin' left to do but SMILE*SMILE*SMILE!
Member Since:November 4, 2003
Last Login:February 15, 2011
Location:Chicago, IL
Birthday:February 25
Music means to me:Its a form of escapism.
A way to just let loose and leave the world, if only for awhile.
Its the universal language...through music, all cultures can communicate.
It's my first and only love.
Schools:Bangor Area Senior High School - Bangor, PA,
Career Institute of Technology - Easton, PA,
Allentown Business School - Allentown, PA
General Interests:Music, movies, reading, hooping, festies, spring and summer, nature, sunrises and sunsets, animals, love, ganja, my friends, my family
Other Distractions:It's so sad to see what I watch...but I'm addicted:
Family Guy, Robot Chicken, The Simple Life, Dr. 90210, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sex and the City, The Oblongs, All In The Family, Sanford And Son

I have far too many "favorite" movies but I'll name some:
The Pianist, Thirteen, Walk The Line, White Oleander, Ginger Snaps, IT, SLC Punk, American History X, Private Parts, 8 Crazy Nights, American Beauty, Braveheart, When the Levees Broke, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy, Gia, The Craft, Garden State, Veronica Guerin, Saving Silverman, Ray, Yesterday, Frida, House of Sand and Fog, Girl Interrupted, I Am Sam

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