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About me:May the Flow Be With You...
Hailing from Greenville, N.C., this group of talented musicians fuses a myriad of musical styles from hip-hop, soul, jazz and funk - providing listeners with a true magnum opus experience

Blount Harvey takes the tradition of classic hip-hop and weaves its way into modern day neo-soul with an infused foundation blending classic R&B, funk and fresh jazz rhythms. The seven-piece collective performs live with up to ten members in range, balancing their undeniable sound by taking the old with the new; using their southern roots to create a Philly-style sound existing somewhere in the space between The Roots and Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. Ed Condran of The Raleigh News & Observer boldly states, "It's difficult not to compare Blount Harvey with what is arguably Philadelphia's finest contribution to the music world since the halcyon days of Gamble and Huff."

Erykah Badu, James Brown, A Tribe Called Quest and KRS-One are branches of the same roots that Blount Harvey seeks to reconnect with. Their sound is influenced by early 90's hip-hop and the jazz and soul music breaks it was based upon; bringing positive lyricism expressive of complicated subject matter. Amidst today's mainstream hip-hop artists drawing upon similar roots, Blount Harvey brings a compelling, true to form groove, setting them apart and placing them in a distinct league of their own. (Note: This is not crunk music.)

Keyboardist MadShah and dynamo drummer illWill perform with musicianship at premium; laying the expressive rhythmic foundation of the soundscape with a texturized background. Guitarist Nigel Cheeks delivers skillful solos and radiating riffs, known for keeping the sound in check. DJ JohnBeez gets the "one-up" from turntablists and live musicians alike: a 'side-man scratch wiz' feeding off various tricks of the trade and creating cuts with his own professional techniques. Trumpeter Jon Caison, The Professor - provides effortlessly deep grooves alongside saxophonist John Freeman, The Student. Fronting the band are two vocalists: emcee extraordinaire MC Rudolph Lyrics, and the group's newest soul-stress; certified siren TyKee. This hyper-smart, high-energy duo pours the infamous flavor on thick, offering both positive and passionate lyrics, including curse-free rhymes and belting, powerhouse vocals. Combining the wide range of cutting-edge talent the group has to offer allows them to flow seamlessly from hip-hop to soul, while improvising original jazz sounds and bringing into play elements of funk.

In December of 2007, Blount Harvey released their first album *L!VE* from The Station, mixed and recorded live at the Outer Banks Brewing Station in Kill Devil Hills, N.C. and absolutely oozing with soul. Featuring former vocalist Lady Bri, the CD showcases an all-organic set of eleven original tracks, and a captivating cover of Jill Scott's "It's Love," serving as proof that the group can cut it live and lay down a solid groove. Planning their second release by January 2010, Blount Harvey expects the album to exhibit an array of musical influences, only reiterating the impossible attempts of its listeners to categorize the group into one genre.

Blount Harvey's incessant tour of 2009 is highly responsible for their ever-increasing popularity and the most powerful army of fans seen recruited than ever before. Moreover, this Spring marks their musical mission merging as reality; recognized as a milestone being heard and felt across the North and Southeast - most recently into the noteworthy ears of Leeway's Home Grown Music Network. Beginning in May, round two begins, and the group will move onto Charleston and Atlanta, performing at this year's FloydFest 8 Revival and finishing the remainder of the year with a brand new calendar of N.A.C.A. showcase dates under Degy Entertainment.

Experience and capture the soundscape for yourself when Blount Harvey brings the 'flow' to a town near you. Streaming MP3's, videos, photos, discography, merchandise, and all of the group's upcoming tour dates can be found at Find the group's EPK, contact information and press at You can also access exclusive information via their Facebook fanpage, so be sure to check them out! A courteous warning to all music-lovers and listeners though... beware: you may have just discovered your new favorite band.
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