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About me:im a "hippiechik", as everyone likes to call me. Im pretty simple, and really laid back. I love to dance and have fun...and SMILE :D...Um im pretty much a stoner...not that it is bad or anything (at least in my humble opinion), but it gives you the sence of how i might say things and how is use dialog...maybe even of how i dress, or smell
Member Since:October 23, 2006
Last Login:November 2, 2006
Location:Shawnee, OK
Birthday:September 7
Music means to me:a joyful sound that brings vibrant colors to my mind. Music allows me to dance and express emotions through simple actions, music is a stress reliver
Schools:a HiGh ScHoOl student
General Interests:drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, playing guitar, playing the piano, playing in the rain, danicng in my room, sharing with others, giving gifts, planting flowers, smoking pot, daydreaming, beadwork, ...having fun...smiling, playing in the mud, and enjoying my bestfriend MiRaNdA...playing hacki-scak
Other Distractions:umm well lets just say i am a wonderer, and have the attention span of a quite stretchy whereever i shall roam, i will surly be destracted... by some sort or another


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