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About me:My name is Pete Gunn, I play drums for the band 'Longview Gunslingers' i play many other instruments as well.. im a big time dead head and mos def dig on abstract jazz...the more out there the better
Member Since:October 25, 2005
Last Login:September 4, 2011
Location:Hinsdale, MA
Birthday:December 5
Music means to me:well i play music full time so i guess it consumes most of my life, so i guess that makes music my life
Schools:MMRHS Great Barrington Mass, BCC Pittsfield Mass, and Mildred Elly Pittsfield Mass
General Interests:going to shows, playing music, kickin it with my dog Scruggs (like Earl), hiking and outdoors stuff, festivals and travel
Other Distractions:My Favorite TV shows i guess would be Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, Law and Order CI, almost all Adult swim, except the Anime...I love discovery channel and the history channel, and also the science can usually find something worth watching on any of far as books go, Monkey Wrench Gang by edward abby, The Beach by Alex Garland, and on the road be keorac are a few of my favorites, but right now i am reading Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays By Steven Hawking (i just started this one yesterday)

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