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About me:to start off with im 15 years old, and i am into BLACK METAL very much!!! i am also a satanist and i love going to alot of shows! I am in love with my boyfriend and i dont think anything can tear us apart.Black metal is OUR music passion and there is not any other form in existance! I also love to draw it keeps me from going insane other than music. I'm really good at it!!!! I am a true metal head i dont listen to anything else or type of rock. if i do it's usually like metallica or megadeth.
Member Since:February 16, 2009
Last Login:January 15, 2010
Location:El Paso, TX
Birthday:October 31
Music means to me:Freedom and Hatered!!!!
Schools:Clint High school it sucks but what can i so about it! It's cool too because im the only metal head there!!!!
General Interests:anything that has to do with art! drawing,tattoos, design...whatever it may be


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metal is being listen by nothing but posers nowadays!!!!>:(
Tue 2/17/2009 1:12PM

listen up!!!! metal is being listened by fake posers!!!!! its not like we enjoy their lame music so why should they listen to ours? but its more of the mainstream shit now on the the NU-METAL what the fuck is that????? i don't know is just fucking gay! now they want to listen to our precious BLACK METAL and take over! here are somt things i have noticed: