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About me:I love life. I love everything about it. Good days, and bad days. My favorite is sunshine and blue skys, warm with a little breeze. I absolutely hate the cold, and if it's gonna be cold it better be snowing, otherwise it isn't worth it. I hate the cold. I love a challenge, I hate not knowing how to do the challenge. Music is my life. Without it i would die, and so would a lot of my friends. I don't like it when friends move away. I love to dance. I like going through at least three pairs of sandals a summer. If I'm on pair number two, I better start dancing. Dance like the Weiss. I like to drive my car, pop in a good cd, and roll the windows down. I like it when cute girls are around. I like camp fires but I hate to smell like camp fire smoke, it makes me cough. I love the mountains and anything having to do with Colorado. I love Colorado. I like to camp, hike, and do anyhting outside. I like to take pictures with my digital camera, if i see you smile, or don't smile I don't care either way i have your picture. I miss a lot of people so if you read this and I miss you get ahold of me. I miss you. I like really, really expenive beer. I hate cigarette smoke, but I deal with it. Some smoke is ok i guess. I like good food, like sushi, red skin potatos, and club sandwiches. I like to work out when I get a chance. I like to mow. Send me mail. I enjoy reading it. I like blue, brown, white, and grey of all different shades. I have red hair, I know you already knew that. I run light for a band called Ep3, come to see them. Check them out. They are sick. I like festivals with lots of bands. I am a pretty clean person and a hate fucking messes. And I hate Dave Matthews Band with a passion.
Member Since:October 11, 2003
Last Login:October 30, 2015
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:August 1
Music means to me:The World!
Schools:Kent State University
General Interests:Music Festivals and Live Music. Camping and the mountains. Microbreweries from all over the world. Dancing and staying in the groove. Partying and sleeping in all day, til like 2 on a Sunday. Really good food.


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