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About me:My music taste is rather eclectic. April through October is mainly for blues fests. I also catch a few bluegrass or folk shows as I'm able. Little Rock is a little small to find a lot of the acts I like. Don't play anything, but music (and traveling to see it) are my main hobbies.
Member Since:July 23, 2006
Last Login:August 11, 2006
Location:Little Rock, AR
Birthday:January 9
Music means to me:My excuse to go somewhere and meet new people. I get my spiritual "fix" from it.
Schools:Ark College of Technology, Pulaski Tech., Tyler Jr. College, University of Arkansas Little Rock
General Interests:Travel, music history, left-wing politics, expanding my world!
Other Distractions:NPR, any of the HBO series, good food and friends - Just not enough with my taste in music or desire to travel.