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About me:My name is Barrett Midulla and I am originally from Tampa, Fla. I would definately call myself a Bisco freak! It only sucks that I live in the south and don't get to see the boys as much as I would like. I am very open-minded musically and my taste ranges from jazz to fusion to bluegrass to psychedelic trance. I am twenty-seven years of age and live in beautiful Asheville, NC which is a very heady town by the way. If you get a chance to visit check out the local flav. Its well worth it. I have a black lab named Molly and the both of us love to hike and stay active outdoors. I am also an avid cyclist and mountain biker(how could I not be living in the Blue Ridge mountains). Chat me up anytime about music or anything else on your mind.
Member Since:March 27, 2007
Last Login:August 17, 2015
Location:Asheville, NC
Birthday:October 31
Music means to me:Music is the ultimate outlet of escapism and projection. I am a firm believer in the therepeutic qualities of music and without it I would certainly be lost. As an amateur writer myself I am always awed by the creativity of professional writer-musicians. Lyrically, I am such a huge fan of composers such as Rob Derhak and Jon Gutwillig who know how to express their creativity in such lyrically unique ways.
Schools:Bethel College,Auburn University-War Eagle!!
General Interests:Cycling,hiking,reading,live music,microbrews,skiing,walking/hiking with my dog Molly,etc.
Other Distractions:The West Wing(although its off the air now)


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