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About me:my name is tali i live in maryland . i am origanally from isael im a really nice person all you need to do is get to know me. i <3 my friends and the disco biscuits .....oh yeah and i love animals i think im going to be a vet
Member Since:September 5, 2006
Last Login:November 17, 2008
Location:Chevy Chase, MD
Music means to me:its my life! everywhere i go i listen to music i go to everyshow i can in my area i cant survive with out music, its aan amazing expression of one self abilitys and style
Schools:walter johnson high school
General Interests:music,hola hooping,dancing,laughing,clay/pottery,concerts,animals!! my friends,ice cream,maryjane,candy,walking,painting.
Other Distractions:family guy,south park,robot chicken,dirty boys


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