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About me:Avid fan of all kinds of music from reggae to bluegrass, hip-hop to jam, jazz to electronic and many points in between. I'd like to believe I'm a conscious individual who is leading life in a direction of positivity and longevity.
Member Since:November 2, 2002
Last Login:February 5, 2010
Location:Saratoga Springs, NY
Birthday:March 25
Music means to me:Sound will save the world. Music is the most pure and most beautiful form of sound humans can possibly create, and therefor in the right hands and projected to the right listeners, it too will one day "save the world." (Or atleast guide us in a better direction that we've been headed)
Schools:Hudson Valley Community College in Troy New York, Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan
General Interests:Beats, rhymes and life. Sound, rhythm and pulse. Tree of life.
Other Distractions:Vonnegut, Remix & Relix Magazines, NBALIVE on Xbox, NY Knickerbockers, widening my album collection and saving money for a small time project studio.


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