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About me:I love seeing live music. I've been seeing shows since 88'. Phish mainly, but Umphreys is a new FAV.
I am a host of a Radioshow in Charlottesville Virginia. Check it some time,
The Grateful Dead and Phriends, Saturday AM from 9-12.
Member Since:June 5, 2001
Last Login:September 20, 2009
Location:Charlottesville, VA
Birthday:December 22
Music means to me:My favorite form of Leisure.
Schools:Radford University, and the school of hard knocks.
General Interests:My beautiful girlfriend, music, football, hiking, camping, and eating well.
Other Distractions:Lost, Survivor, Whats Happening (Doobie Brothers episode), Ugly Betty, Into Thin Air, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Animal House, Godfathers, Full Metal Jacket, Dirty Rottn Scoundrels, Fish called Wanda, Airplane, Scarface, Training Day, Pulp Fiction, Office Space, Anchorman, Jamcruise


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