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About me:i love life, freinds, the grateful dead, music in general, and working out theres more but thats a good lil run down
Member Since:September 23, 2007
Last Login:June 16, 2011
Location:Palmyra, NY
Birthday:May 23
Music means to me:i was always a music fan but i wouldn't say that it became a MAJOR part of my life till i was 6 or 7 and i got my hand's on my mom's old dead tapes and since then i've had this insatiable love for the dead and they're brilliance in their artform and they're uncanny ability to not only make the music come to life and make it they're own but to always take they're fans for the ultimate ride and just have this sub community/culture that is so amazing, as a result of that ive been going to shows as often as i can for the last 13 years or so
Schools:some college
General Interests:boxing,weightlifting, comedy, etc.

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