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About me:Born and raised in the Dirty South. Gave the Midwest a run for her heading to San Francisco. CA's where it's at! Moved to Italy for a few years and am now back in the Bay Area.
Member Since:June 28, 2000
Last Login:June 14, 2012
Location:Berkeley, CA
Birthday:March 8
Music means to me:What kind of question is that? I read this Steve Kimock interview a few years back that stuck with me. I think he sums it up on both ends of my musical spectrum, as a musician and as a listener. He said:

"OK, so you, or anybody else who's listening who's not a trained musician is necessarily listening referentially. They're hearing the music, and they're comparing it to something else. They're getting an emotional hit from it, or a feeling like "ship tossed on a stormy sea", and I'm thinking, "G Minor." So what I've got to do, to operate my equipment on my end, is completely different than what you've got to do, to receive it at the other end."

Schools:B.S. in Graphic Communications at Clemson University
General Interests:Sking, soccer, golf, writing, technology, macs, backpacking, hot springs, and of
Other Distractions:Everything


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