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"i don't want a gold PHISH"... unless it involves a Limited Edition Copy of Phish's Vegas 96 show
Sat 11/17/2007 7:33AM
phish will forever be a band that i hold near & dear to me... i remember being in college when the news struck - phish was breaking up & had slated their final shows together... shock ran thru me as i grasped at what this would truly mean... could it be true that the same band who opened my eyes to the beauty that exists beyond a standard, catchy 2.5 minute American radio song were now leaving????  how is it possible that the band who served as my entry point into this wild "jamband" world was ending their career together... the disbelief of it all stayed with me for quite some time until i realized that although they were ending their time together, they weren't gone forever... they would still live on in my heart, my mind, and my cd player...