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About me:Born out of wedlock. Raised by mules. Spokeschicken for Popeye's Hollywood. Seen a million faces, and rocked all but one (stupid face). Currently doing the best I can.

Rhythm guitar and vocals for Fat Lenny, a Los Angeles-based Ween cover band and sushi troupe.
Member Since:November 8, 2001
Last Login:May 5, 2011
Location:Studio City, CA
Music means to me:It's a miraculous energy form, capable of manipulating human DNA and manifesting worlds. Probably man's highest accomplishment, though the limits of the human pyramid have yet to be explored.
General Interests:My wife and daughter, golf, contemplating the infinite, skiing, fomenting revolution, toro hand roll, America's National Parks, blue crab, Sandoz, beer, making lists
Other Distractions:1960-70s cinema (Godfather, 5 Easy Pieces, Marathon Man, Apocalpyse Now, 2001, Outlaw Josey Wales), The Daily Show, The Office, The Sopranos, Lester Bangs, William Blake


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