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robs musings
Tue 4/1/2008 6:15PM
hey hey its fat albert; went and saw the drive by truckers a coupla weeks ago, so-so. i had just got turned onto them and enjoyed the show but you know how enjoyable it can be when you know at least some of the words-well i was pretty lost. very cool band though and i wish i could find more new bands(new to me at least) looking forward to seeing spearhead at the beale street festival in memphis in may. spearhead is probably one of the coolest bands i have run acroos in a long time. for now/til later
robs musings
Sat 3/22/2008 6:11PM
just got into this-my buddy turned me onto this a coupla weeks ago and i'm just now getting to it-i figure i need some help to avoid missing some shows. went and saw drive by truckers last sat(3-14) @ the mercy in nashville and it was preety cool-just got turned on to them and they are preetty fucking mellow-jamming-kinda more country than i'm used to but rocking enough that i can totally dig them. looking foward to seeing moe on the 2nd of april. just moved to nashville a coupla weeks ago nfrom myrtle beach and so far so good-first time in a big city and i think i'm gonna fucking love it. anyway gotta go i'll be back