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About me:chill baltimore college student goes down see's alot of baltimore music. i play a little guitar and love that i can project my appreciation for music on a 2nd instrument but piano is my first love. Always down to jam and would be down to get into some performance. I dig all kinds of music including the current jam ban scene, anything that comes up on my Pandora mixlist (mostly jams), some folk, acoustic, some of that classic rock especially love the psychedelic edge.

I love the Baltimore music scene. Ya'll gotta check Walther's lineup at And be sure to check out Allgood this summer!
Member Since:August 14, 2006
Last Login:August 22, 2012
Location:Woodstock, MD
Birthday:December 27
Music means to me:i'm free. it elevates the conscious plane. every perfectly ended phrase brings a sense of closure each discordant note jarring reality. Even the wrong notes remind that before we transcend our experience we must transcend ourselves.
Schools:university of maryland baltimore county
General Interests:chillin, live music, making my own music, religion, conflict, peace, passion, lucidity, free thinking, love
Other Distractions:probably not good


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