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About me:Hey everybody, Well life is good I'm 38 yrs. old and met my soulmate about 6 years ago, he turned me on to some of the best music I've ever known. My first show was moe. I was taken back stage they all signed me belly and it was a night I barely Was so great! since then i have seen alot of shows and have met sooo many new and interesting friends. We married at the SCI show 4/19-4/20 Springfest. I could'nt beleive the fun a live band in front of out tent jamming till 4:20 who would have thunk it. I also found out this year at new years that I can play a drum pretty darn good and am asking for one for next christmas.
Member Since:April 9, 2002
Last Login:June 12, 2012
Location:Gainesville, FL
Music means to me:Everything!!! I had no idea how much music has made me come alive and how good it makes my body feel to just move to what makes me happy, anyway I want and I can be ME!
General Interests:Music, camping, roadtrips and latenight... did I say music.
Other Distractions:I love being home too nice to just chill once in a while. I was given the (1st) Bonnarro DVD as a gift and just love it.


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