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About me:I was a rock journalist based in the L.A. area for approximately nine years, then ventured on to become an assistant editor for a national publishing company, where I worked on Cat Fancy, Kittens USA, Cats USA, Dogs USA, Puppy USA and Dog World magazines. I am now retired from the publishing; however, I still write music reviews, interviews, etc.
Member Since:November 7, 2009
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Location:Aliso Viejo, CA
Birthday:March 6
Music means to me:I live for music. I love all kinds of music, particularly British blues and rock.
Schools:School of Hard Knocks
General Interests:Cats ... especially rescued felines. Don't forget to spay and neuter!
Other Distractions:ChemTrails


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Ian Anderson - Anaheim, CA Review
Sat 11/7/2009 5:32PM


Ian Anderson