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About me:names melissa.
Member Since:December 4, 2009
Last Login:December 6, 2009
Location:Ambridge, PA
Birthday:February 11
Music means to me:is life, turning into lifestly.

i LOVE modest mouse, umphreys, animal collective, yeahyeahyeahs [KAREN O: MY HERO] grateful dead, flying lotus, ODB, dangerdoom, radiohead, primus, anya marina, daft punk, bon iver, regina spektor, the books, kings of leon, tribe called quest. word

bluegrass is the jam, too. get some!
General Interests:NLQP, medusa, hot air balloons, pot, mustaches, my dreadies, your dreadies, bicycles, music festivals [ROTH & LOLLA], L, buick skylarks, monsters, USO's, 1930-40 gypsies in rural america, trains & the hoppers that frequent them, animals, road trips, boxed wine, time travel memories, progression, the future.
Other Distractions:ART by ALEX GRAY, MARK RYDEN, DR. LAKRA


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