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About me:With the growth of internet marketing and the changes within the music industry, a new generation of music fans has begun the revolution against the image of the Rock Star. A new circuit of festivals and gatherings has sprung from nowhere to embrace the spirit of Music and Art. Since the mid 1970's, record companies have dictated what the public would consume in way of entertainment, and have fed the general public a mixture of Bubble Gum and Dog Food for the most part. This did not lead to the dumbing down of American consumers the way that they had hoped. Instead this made for a more fickle customer who would require true talent and finesse from their idols and friends. The internet changed the way music was made popular and independent musicians are now making the music they want to, Their talents and visions shine, allowing the consumer to decide the fate of the project. Music groups are now finding greater profit in word of mouth advertising and playing live shows than in just the marketing of a single song. The fans are now spending more wisely due to the raising cost of production involved in large venue, traveling road shows being rolled into ticket prices. Gone are the days of " 5 bands for $20.00 ", it is now more like $75.00 to as much as $300.00 for a single ticket to see a major act. ( And nobody likes to go to a show alone so cost usually double) Many talented acts from across the country are pooling their talents and love for their trade to help deliver not only economically feasible venues to see many acts, but to help spread the word of mouth, knowing that there is plenty of love to go around. Fans from around the globe are tapping into the new bands and traveling hundreds of miles to see bands they met at a bar just a few weeks before play before 500 to 5000 or more people. New Festivals and Production companies are cropping up everywhere and shows and festivals are starting to become yearly events where fans are reunited with old friends who are coming to see them as much as the acts on the stage. Beedle promotions is here to help the organizers and production companies get the word out to the fans and to aid in the general distribution of advertising to boost the attendance and visibility of the festivals as well as the acts involved with each festival. With years of marketing experience behind us, as well as years in the music industry both back stage and on stage we are here to help build this new movement that has already begun to change the music industry as a whole.
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