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About me:can't this wait till i'm old, can i live while i'm young because i'm a lot like you were when you were 24 except i'm lucky enough to get what i want AND what i need much of the time even though i always feel about half past dead when i pull into nazareth because i run with the weight of gold and thats just as bad as running with the weight of led and mr. jones, he stares at the beautiful women and wants to pass as a cat just like the rest of us but singing sores make perfect swords and i don't have a gun so i'm up cripple creek in north ontario, and helpless. so far.
Member Since:September 25, 2005
Last Login:September 16, 2009
Location:Montpelier, VT
Birthday:August 29
Music means to me:that there is a higher power.
Schools:Montpelier High School, UC Berkeley
General Interests:music, trees, natural bodies of water, micro-breweries...
Other Distractions:people-watching, '24', 'grey's anatomy', thinking too much


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