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About me:Opposites and contradictions--the story of expressionist songwriter Kenny Schick’s life. He can be warm and passionate, then hard and distant. He can be an outrageous comedian, then pensive and over serious. One moment sharp and focused, the next drunk and disorderly. Sometimes aggressively confident to the point of cockiness, the next minute shyly insecure. It could even be surmised that this lack of ability to master the middle, or ‘common’ ground shapes and partially defines his long career: well known and highly regarded in certain circles of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene, admired among lovers of inventive, challenging music, yet, because of his steadfast belief in music as a form of artistic self-expression, not the ‘household name’ that many well known performers he’s worked with have become.
Member Since:September 27, 2007
Last Login:March 3, 2013
Location:Mountain View, CA
Birthday:September 8
Music means to me:pretty much everything. to me, music is still art--it is still about soul, beauty, feeling, and skill. i still look for depth and quality--not just a 'product'.
Schools:BA arts and photography
General Interests:bicycling(mostly mountian), beer, more music, insanity, photography......
Other Distractions:online social networks......


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