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About me:i twirl fire. i never wear pants. i love the smell of bonfires. i love hula-hoops. i hate the city. i sew my own clothes. i never have a job. i read the newspaper and watch the news EveryDay. i enjoy history and walks in the woods at night. baking. roller skating. tennis. playing drums. gardening. my passion is travel though. rambling.
Member Since:August 7, 2008
Last Login:March 24, 2013
Location:Bucyrus, OH
Birthday:July 28
Music means to me:music has infinite meaning. music can be made anywhere, at anytime. music is me. music is emotion. music is a lifestyle. music is life.
General Interests:the library, swing sets, conspiracy theories, alpacas, space travel, the funny pages, percussion, tattoos and peicings
Other Distractions:nostalgia, antiques, classic rock, blues and jazz


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