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About me:Bajuana Tea is made up of a base of Austin Armitage with a touch of Matrisha Armitage for flare.

Our music is unique, original and diverse in genres ranging from folk acoustic to electric jam rock. We play with different groups of people and various arrangements depending upon the venue.

The acoustic side of our shows are folkly and melodious with a touch of Bajuana flavor and very meaningful.

The electric piece of our music is classic and raw with influences across the board.
Member Since:February 9, 2009
Last Login:April 26, 2010
Location:Eugene, OR
Birthday:March 23
Music means to me:Peace, joy, serenity, anger, passion, love, strength, dancing, working, sweating, creating, flowing, grooving......depends on the song.
General Interests:We run a bookkeeping company as our boring day job.
Other Distractions:Real Estate