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About me:In recent years, the soundtrack to coastal life has taken on many forms. From the laidback
island folk of Jack Johnson to the reggae-infused punk rock of Sublime, beachinspired
music has gone in vastly different directions.
In comes Bag of Toys, an acoustic surf-rock band from Northern California, that has
emerged on the music scene with a completely original, infectious sound that is drenched
in the sun and sand.
The foundation all began when lead vocalist Robert Tait began writing songs at the age
of fourteen. The Pacific Ocean lured him out to San Francisco, and in late 2003, he found
musical support in the melodic guitar playing of band member Steve Cowgill. Seeking to
fill out the sound, the duo perused the internet for a rhythm section and found the perfect
fit with Joe Schewe holding a bass and Robert Stadler behind a drum set. The foursome
spent the summer of 2004 in Tait's apartment molding his early creations into the
addicting sound that has become known as Bag of Toys.
In 2006, the group released their full-length debut album, “Nooner” and quickly
propelled to the top of the rankings for unsigned acoustic artists on
Mastered by Dave Collins (Jack Johnson, No Doubt, Ben Harper), the CD was sold in all
50 states as well as over 20 different countries in less than one year from its release. In
2007, "Share," one of the band's original songs from “Nooner,” was prominently featured
on both a national television commercial for the Microsoft Zune media player and San
Francisco's KFOG Local Scene (Vol. 4) radio station compilation.
Starting out with a few appearances at a local open-mic showcase, Bag of Toys has
quickly risen up the San Francisco venue circuit by entertaining the masses at venues
such as The Independent and Slim's while sharing the stage with popular acts such as
Pato Banton, Sean Kingston, John Cruz, Fishbone, The Expendables, and the B
Bag of Toys is now set to release their second full-length album July 1st. Entitled
"Afternooner," the album was recorded at Gadgetbox Studios in Santa Cruz, mastered by
John Cuniberti (Dave Matthews, The Grateful Dead, Aerosmith), and features 13
contagious tracks which not only have the signature sound that made their debut album
popular, but also incorporate some new elements such as funk, country, and Latin
Undeniably, Bag of Toys has invented a sound all their own. Featuring two acoustic
guitars, the music offers a relaxed vibe supported by a catchy groove and rock-oriented
rhythm section. So sit back, grab a beer, and enjoy the imaginary sand in between your
toes because Bag of Toys will take you away to a better place with what the band
jokingly refers to as “acoustic surf-rock that doesn't suck.”
Member Since:October 1, 2004
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Location:San Francisco, CA
Birthday:August 24
Music means to me:Everything.


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