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About me:23 yrs old, I love to rock! Iv'e got a lil rock/jam band of my own called Ruckmoor. I love all kinds of music, reggae and rock especially. Im a huge Phan too.
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Location:Columbus, OH
Birthday:June 19
Music means to me:Everything. Its my true passion in life, its what drives me to succeed. Comforts me when Im sad, Calms me down when Im high strung, puts me to sleep every night, gets me fired up when im pissed off, i need music in my life at all times!
Schools:Ohio University
General Interests:Percussion, texas holdem, music (playing and listening) pittsburgh steelers, columbus blue jackets
Other Distractions:Big Lebowski, South Park, BASEketball, anything trey parker and matt stone do.


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Where the Phish at????
Sun 11/11/2007 9:42PM

Hey all..I have several Phish shows to trade, mostly summer 98 and all of their festys, plus a lot of other landmark shows  ( ie. Island Tour, Big Cypress, several Halloweens and NYE, and of course, GameHoist!!!)