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About me:This is Dave Rogers, photographer / owner for I've been photographing live music for many, many years and have contributed to many, magazines, websites, newspapers and a few CD covers. Away-team is my website where you can find my photos from the past 3 or so years (my digital era). I invite you to go check it out for that, CD reviews, music news and other rock info.
Member Since:June 20, 2003
Last Login:June 7, 2008
Location:Raleigh, NC
Birthday:April 29
General Interests:hiking, camping, outdoors, burning stuff, mid 20th century beer advertising art, web design.
Other Distractions:Right now my day job is @ Big Boss Brewing Company in Raleigh, NC. They make a nice variety of brews and that place keeps me very busy. Check out their website at


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