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About me:I am from New Orleans. Saints are gonna win the superbowl.
Member Since:February 16, 2005
Last Login:March 29, 2008
Location:Metairie, LA
Birthday:October 18
Music means to me:It's amazing to me how music can control people. A good artist can make thousands of people feel the exact way he desires, make thousands of people move to a common theme. It's as if he is having a conversation with you on a level where words are not even needed. It's also cool how after witnessing one of "those" shows, you feel this bond with everyone who went through the same journey as you. I do not really know what music means to me; but I do know that without music, life would be a whole lot duller.
Schools:LSU, Jesuit High School
General Interests:having fun
Other Distractions:LSU athletics, the Saints, gambling


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