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About me:My name is Julia and I'm a lost little Asian that has rowed her boat too far and somehow made it to the Americas. I can climb rocks, paint trees (thank you Bob Ross) and even frolic among woodland creatures. I am studying archeology and art history. I want to join the Peace Corps and I can sing horribly in the shower.
Member Since:May 19, 2008
Last Login:December 5, 2010
Location:Pensacola, FL
Birthday:February 4
Music means to me:Music is an art form and like all art forms, it is a free standing expression. Music is anything and everything, just like poetry, painting, and any other form of creativity . Its that transitional link that connects people on a level of mental tangibility. It strikes the same chord that sends the goosebumps down your back. It is the feeling of the soul.
Schools:Martin County High School-graduated in 2005
Univeristy of South Florida for two years studying art history-2005-07
University of West Florida studying archeology with art history minor-current
General Interests:traveling, painting, volunteering, rock climbing, being active, ultimate relaxation, musication with some exploration, add a dash of communication with some straight up lovin'.
Other Distractions:bowel movements


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